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R.E.M. Consulting LLC Provides a Consultant and Electrician all in one

Consulting and Services

Renewable Energy Consultant

Focused on providing renewable energy facilities design review; product procurement, construction oversight, start-up and commissioning, operations and maintenance, troubleshooting of mesophilic & thermophylic digester systems; Co-digestion systems; Combined Heat and Power systems; biogas cleaning systems; biogas compression systems; photovoltaic 'solar' systems; hydroelectric systems, wind generation systems and more 

Management Consultant

Focused on providing on site interim plant management; interim plant operator; interim lab technician; substrate procurement support and supervision; Systems integrations contractor support and supervision and reporting; O&M contractor support and supervision and reporting; Research and development support and supervision and reporting; 3rd party troubleshooting support and supervision and reporting, Budget analysis, employee training and oversight, system performance evaluations and corrections, policies and procedures document creation, remote monitoring of plant personnel and systems and more

Master Electrician

Focused on providing a trained and Licensed Master Electrician specializing in electrical design, planning, procurement, installation, and troubleshooting of commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential electrical systems.  New construction, remodel, rework, repair and more   

Inspection Consultant

Focused on providing a trained and Licensed Commercial Building and Home inspector.  Performing design review of buildings and current building codes; issuing permits and periodic inspections at every phase of construction; providing detailed home inspection report of the Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical and Structural visual observations. Well and septic inspections; Radon testing; water testing and more. 

Voice Data Video Technology Expert

Focused on providing a trained Voice Data Video (VDV) technician for computer troubleshooting and repair; security systems; Video surveillance systems; Wi-Fi connection; VoIP connection; cloud networks; server systems; computers; laptops; tables; smart phones; software; hardware; peripherals; IT/IS systems; LAN, WAN and VPN network systems; home or business networks; entertainment system. 

Industrial Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) Expert

Focused on providing a trained industrial electronics craftsman specializing in startup and commissioning of process controls, HMI system, SCADA systems; troubleshooting sensors and controls; product procurement, servicing, inspecting and calibrating a wide range of Industrial instrumentation and control systems. Field calibrations of gas analyzers, flow meters, pressure transmitters, temperature sensors and more